Recently I spent a few days in Cambridge, which is one of my favourite places in the world. I lived there while I was doing my degree, and I still feel more at home there than any other city.

I think it’s a combination of the beautiful green spaces, the many interesting little independent cafes and shops, and the huge skies and windswept flatness of the Fens that makes me love Cambridge. I especially love its remoteness and slightly austere atmosphere, the gothic architecture and the freezing winters, all of which prevent it from being just a pretty tourist town.

As I went there mainly just to relax, I spent quite a lot of time sitting in the sun in parks or cafes. The cafe highlights are Indigo’s (a tiny but lovely place with good coffee, hidden away down a side street opposite King’s), CB1’s (a cosy, relaxed internet cafe full of books to peruse), and the Rainbow Cafe (a warm and friendly vegetarian restaurant that serves truly delicious food). It was really nice to walk up to Mill Road (where CB1’s is to be found), an interesting street just a little beyond the city centre, with some of the more unusual shops and restaurants; in a way, it’s the equivalent of Cowley Road in Oxford.

I also sat by the river in my old college…

…looked up at the window of my old room…

…went for a gorgeous sunny morning walk along the Backs…

…and wandered round the Fitzwilliam Museum admiring its architecture, paintings and mummified Egyptian cats.

Now I just have to plan when my next visit to Cambridge will be.



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