Singing days

I’m unemployed at the moment, although luckily I have a temporary job starting in December, and so I’m trying to do as many interesting things as I can with all this free time I have, while spending virtually no money – quite difficult! Singing is one of my main interests and it’s especially nice at the moment for me to get out of my flat and be part of a choir, so that I don’t turn into a complete hermit. I’m a member of a choir that sings evensong regularly and I take part in other events and concerts as often as I can.

Yesterday I went to a one-off event in a church near where I live, where we spent the afternoon rehearsing Faure’s Requiem and then performed it during the church service. This was the first time I’d been to one of these ‘just turn up and sing’ events but I liked the whole idea and hope to go to a few more in future. Faure’s Requiem is so beautiful. I’d never sung it before and didn’t know it very well, apart from Pie Jesu. Here is the gorgeous In Paradisum. I also had an interesting conversation with the lady next to me about how she studied in Cambridge during the Second World War, before women were allowed to be official members of the university and when she was one of only 500 female students at the whole institution. I’m sure it must have been fascinating to be one of the first female students and I would love to know more about their experiences.

The next singing event I have in my diary to look forward to is a workshop all about singing sixteenth-century Spanish choral music. That really is my idea of a fun Saturday! And I can’t wait for the season of carol singing and Christmas concerts to begin.

Have you been to any interesting musical events or concerts recently?


  1. Nymeth said:

    I’m in the exact same situation, though sadly for me I don’t sing! Thank goodness for libraries and free museums and art galleries. Your choir sounds absolutely lovely, though, and the lady you met sounds fascinating. For an entire book about that kind of experience, I’d recommend Bluestockings by Jane Robinson.

    The last concert I went to was Tori Amos last week. I’ve been a fan for over a decade but this was my first chance to see her, which was very exciting! Thankfully I’d gotten the tickets ages ago, as I wouldn’t be able to afford them now.

    • Sarah said:

      Sorry to hear you’re in the same situation – it is lucky that we have free museums though, like you say, and I am spending loads of time in the library at the moment! I would really like to read the book you mention. I imagine it must have been very strange to be in such a minority and also that there would have been quite a lot of prejudice to cope with. It would have been so competitive for women to get in that I expect there were some very intelligent and interesting people there.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the concert. It’s nice when you finally get to see a musician you have liked for ages!

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